The WSB Farm Management Department offers a comprehensive management service for landowners. We begin with each client with a discussion to determine goals as well as specific short and long-term objectives and other important considerations. A landowner may identify some or all of these objectives as important in their overall plan for their property.

  • Increased Income
  • Asset Conservation
  • Management Continuity
  • Budgeting to achieve cost control
  • Improved crop marketing to increase profits
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Benefits

Based on client goals and recommendations, WSB Farm Management will handle all day-to-day operations on the farm, always keeping the client informed about changes in agriculture and their impact on the operation. Once we have determined our clients' goals, we will initiate a thorough farm analysis and inspection. Our professional farm managers will complete the analysis and develop an inventory of available resources on the property from soil types to buildings. Our farm management department will also prepare any lease analysis and comparisons to provide recommendations about options to achieve your goals. From this information, a detailed farm plan can be developed. Our objective is simple, to assist our clients in meeting ownership and investment goals. Caring for you and your farm.

Our Services

  • Frequent on-farm visits to ensure proper management of your investment
  • Careful selection of seed varieties, fertilizer, chemicals and crop rotation
  • Handling all government farm program details
  • Profit and financial analysis with budget and cash flow projections
  • Marketing plan for all crops
  • Supervision of capital improvement projects approved by landowner
  • Stewardship of the farm including recommendations and implementation of soil conservation tillage practices and CRP Programs
  • Lease term recommendations and negotiations with the tenant
  • Written reports, telephone calls, and personal contact
  • A year-end report and interim updates that summarize yield and production records, crop inventories, planting and harvest dates and the necessary financial information to help simplify your tax work

Manager/Tenant Relationship
Because a good working relationship with the farm operator is essential to the success of the farm, our farm managers and operator will work closely throughout the year. Our farm managers will work very closely with operators to develop a detailed farm plan and operating budget at the start of every crop year. The farm plan, as well as any changes necessary during the year, will be submitted for your approval.

In the event a new tenant is needed for your farm, our farm managers will prepare bid packages and interview likely candidates in the area, and make a recommendation to you for tenant selection. 

Conservation of the Land and the Environment
WSB Trust & Farm Management clearly understands the benefits of soil and water conservation as well as clean environment and expects responsible soil practices and stewardship on every managed farm. We encourage practices that minimize soil and wind erosion, such as no-till farming, contouring and terracing which will improve productivity levels. Whether it is bidding farmland into the CRP Program, pattern tiling or other drainage projects, any capital project that is environmentally sound will be considered by our farm managers to benefit your farm.