Making purchases on-the-go just got easier! Washington State Bank is excited to announce that our debit cards now support Mobile Wallets. Our cards are compatible with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and
Google Pay applications.

What is a Mobile Wallet?

A mobile wallet is an application on your smart device that securely stores your card information. Your card data is encrypted and is just as safe as using a chip reader during a transaction. Users are required to verify their identity using either a PIN, pattern lock, fingerprint, or iris/facial scan.
Each cell phone carrier is different, but in most cases your smart device should come with an eligible wallet application pre-installed. If it does not, this can be easily downloaded in your app store.

Where can I use it?

Use mobile wallets to make purchases in stores, online and in apps. When making a purchase, look for the logos below or ask the cashier if they accept mobile or digital wallets. 
Select the wallet type below for installation assistance and troubleshooting     

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