Are you tired of having to call the bank or wait for your monthly statements in order to review the transactions on your account? Are you also tired of having to write out checks, buy stamps, and mail all of your bills?

If so, you should sign up for our Online Banking and Bill Pay services. These services that WSB has to offer will allow you to keep track of your finances better, as well as make paying your bills so much easier. 

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Online Banking Benefits: 

  • Quick and Easy access to your accounts 24 hours a day
  • Transfer between accounts right from your computer 
  • No more waiting for statements to reconcile your accounts 
  • Access to 6 months worth of previous statements & transactions 
  • Check images available immediately for you to review from your computer the instant they clear through the bank 
  • It's free

Bill Pay Benefits: 

  • No more having to write checks, pay for stamps, mail your bills - we'll do all of that for you. 
  • All you have to do is set up the biller on time, and then only input the amount due from that point on. 
  • You can set up recurring payments that will automatically come out of your account 100% safe. Thieves can steal your bills from you mail box, which gives them easy access to your account & signature. 
  • With Bill Pay, the bank pays your bills for you, therefore keeping your account safe.