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Washington State Bank's Trust Department is committed to providing personalized, professional assistance to allow you to meet your objectives in the areas of investment management, trust & estate administration & financial planning. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your specific requirements & goals. We are dedicated to helping you succeed. Please call on us anytime @ (319)-653-3921 or 800-714-2287 to find out how we can be of service to you, your family & your business. 

Washington State Bank is an independent, locally owned community bank that provides a full range of personal, business and trust services. We are proud to be among the strongest financial institutions in our area, a well-earned reputation for personalized attention and a tradition of commitment to our customers and community. Our officers and staff are committed to providing the highest quality in banking and trust services. We believe that a strong relationship can be a major asset in building a secure financial future in our clients. 
Washington State Bank Trust Department has a simple philosophy.. "Assist our clients in meeting ownership and investment goals". We offer many services including protective trust services and problem free estate settlement. Our fees are very competitive and lower than the larger trust institutions in the state and due to our fee structure we are able to administer small accounts at competitive rates. Please call the Trust Department today and let our expert staff assist with managing your financial needs. 
Our Services 

  • Personal Trusts
  • Funeral Trusts
  • Trust Administration
  • Rental Property Management
  • Estate Administration
  • Conservatorship
  • Farm Management
  • Escrow Services
    Personal Trusts 
    We offer a variety of trust plans, including: 
    1. Revocable and Irrevocable Inter Vivos (created during lifetime)Trusts 
    2. Testamentary (created under will) Trusts 
    3. Charitable Trusts.  These are a critical estate planning tool, particularly in areas of estate tax reduction, probate avoidance, and asset control 
    Funeral Trusts 
    Washington State Bank works closely with several funeral directors in the area to provide Funeral Trust services. With the pre-arrangement, a contract is established between you and the funeral home for goods and services to be provided at your death. Through a trust arrangement with our bank, your prepayment of these goods and services is placed in trust and prudently invested. At your death, payment is then made to the funeral home for your expenses. Not only is your family spared of these final decisions, but investment of your pre-paid amount will help to offset price increases due to inflation. 
    Trust Administration 
    A trust arrangement with Washington State Bank will provide professional management of assets, flexibility and, at your death, continued security for your family and loved ones. We protect the securities you place in trust with us and continually review these assets to ensure conformity with your goals and objectives. Our prudent and profitable management of your account includes detailed records, designated income distributions and overall goals of maximizing income and minimizing taxes. 
    Rental Property Management 
    Washington State Bank Trust Department offers expertise in the area of managing rental property. We provide this service through any type of fiduciary relationship ? agency, trust, estate. As part of rental property management, we will advertise for and interview tenants, maintain the property in working order, negotiate leases, supervise capital improvements and repair projects, and pay real estate taxes. 
    Estate Administration 
    See Estate Administration Section under Trust Department menu above 
    A conservatorship is an account for someone who is legally unable to handle their financial affairs and personal business. The "ward" may be a minor, or one who is physically or mentally incapable of handling their affairs. As Conservator of an estate, Washington State Bank Trust Department can skillfully manage investments, collect income, assure timely payment of bills, oversee tax preparation, keep accurate records, and determine timing of distributions. 
    Farm Management 
    See Farm Management section under Trust Department menu above 
    Escrow Services 
    As Escrow Agent, Washington State Bank Trust Department holds documents and securities in safekeeping, collects payments under contracts, and holds funds according to Escrow Agreements. We can also act as Intermediary for Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 Tax-Deferred Real Estate Exchanges. Upon fulfillment of a written agreement, assets and/or documents are released to the proper parties. 

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