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Washington State Bank strives to meet the needs of our Ag and Commercial customers, no matter how large or how small their operations are.  
Call us at 319-653-2151 or visit the Contact Us page to find out more. 

In addition to the basic commercial checking and savings accounts, Washington State Bank also offers an interest bearing repurchase account. 
REPO Account 
The REPO account is a simple, automatic way for you to save valuable time in managing your company's cash position while earning higher returns on your daily operating cash. 

  • A sweep arrangement is designed to give you the opportunity to automatically invest excess funds from your commercial checking account.
  • Excess funds are invested in a Sweep Account which offers a higher return on your daily operating cash.
  • The funds invested in the Sweep Account are fully collateralized by the government securities.
  • An earnings credit, at a rate determined by the bank, will continue to apply to your commercial checking account.
  • A combined monthly statement will be provided detailing all transactions for your commercial checking account and REPO account.
  • In addition, the bank will provide you each day with a written confirmation via fax or email describing the specific government security that was selected as collateral for your repurchase agreement, as well as your Sweep Account Balance.

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